Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to catch up!

Well, it's certainly been a while but I would really like to catch up on my blogging.... 2009 brought a lot of exciting things! After our reception in May we had a very fun summer! We did a lot more shooting and spent several fun weekends at our property in Duchesnee.

We certainly wore Elmo out though. This is what he looked like on every ride home. We loved how well he slept at night after playing with the other dogs. So in August, we added our latest addition, Zoe!!! We all love her tons!!!

The first of september we closed on a house in Eagle Mountain. We were both thrilled to start our new life here and have loved every minute of it so far!

October we enjoyed our first halloween in the new house, but not before a nice trip to the hospital that morning.

Of course Megan still managed to find the energy to dress up the dogs that night. All the kids that came loved it!

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