Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm back!!!

I'm back, and just in time! I really wanted to do my blogger 100 post challenge before the baby comes and I have 108 days until my due date. It's getting so close and I'm getting more and more excited every day!

Life has been phenomenal lately, I've finally been feeling really good and actually gaining weight. Meilli is super active all the time and I love it! I can't get over how strong she is at just 6 months (24 weeks) gestation. Just a couple days ago, she started getting strong enough that her movements could be seen through the skin. Villi and I could just watch that for hours. I'll have to get it on film soon, which I can do now, hooray! As an early anniversary gift Villi bought us a camcorder (he knew I really wanted one for when the baby comes) and it's amazing. On top of that, Santa came early this year!!! The reason I'm back to blogging is because I'm able to do so on my brand new MacBook that came today. Also amazing! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who is able to provide for me and my soon to be family of three! I love that I will be able to stay home with my little girl and give her the best care shedeserves. Not tomention we just paid off her birth clinic bill and she wont even be here for another 3 months or so. I'm excited not to have that $6000+ hospital bill hanging over my head, along with all the stresses of a new baby. Not only does Villi provide for us, he's so loving and is going to be such a great daddy. I love him so very much and everyone else in my life. Just when I think life can't get any better, it does! I'll just have to remember that at 3 in the morning when the baby is crying and I haven't slept in days. She'll be so worth it though! Here are the pictures from the past few weeks. Enjoy!

20 weeks
21 Weeks
23 weeks
24 weeks

Monday, November 8, 2010

Blogger Hiatus

Apologies for the recent break in blog posts. I'm afraid to say it will continue for a while seeing as I won't have a computer anymore for some time. I'm just kinda bummed since it was going so well and I don't otherwise keep any kind of journal. I guess I will just have a lot to catch up on when I do get a new computer. I'll do what I can here and there when I get a chance on Villi's laptop. Until then. Have a great day!
Here's the 19 week picture. Finally a
little more of a bump!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

3 Things That Annoy Me

I've always been a really patient and tolerant person. I think it comes with having younger siblings too. :) But lately my patience has run much thinner than usual. Here 3 of my most recent pet peeves....

1 - People who mess up/misspell simple english words and phrases.

Examples include but are not limited to:

-Supposebly instead of supposedly.

-Minds well instead of might as well.

-I won you instead of I beat you. ('I won you' implies that YOU are the prize)

-Escape goat instead of scapegoat. (What the heck is an escape goat and where can I find one?)

-Borrow instead of lend. ('I'll borrow you' makes no sense!) Which reminds me...

-Mixing up simple homonyms such as: sense, since and cents. To, two and too. There, they're and their. Accept and except. Are and our.
(You get the idea)

-Misuse of plural compound nouns. Brothers in-law not brother in laws. Holes in one not hole in ones. Runners up not runner ups, and so on and so on.

There are several more but I need to stop before I get too fuming. Plus I don't have much room to talk since my punctuation is terrible!

2 - People who leave the kitchen a mess. I don't care about dirty dishes, that's not what I'm talking about. I mostly mean when food is left out to spoil even though the fridge is within a few feet. Wrappers left on the counters or table when the garbage can is two steps from anywhere. And mostly when cupboard doors and drawers are left wide open. How hard is it to shut them!?!? Oh, and also people who cut the butter with a dirty knife and leave crumbs! I know, I know, this sounds really nit-picky. Deal with it! :) JK

3 - I can't really think of anything but it does kind of bug me that Fall is the only season with another name... Who on earth came up with the name Autumn? Don't get me wrong, I like the name by itself. However, it doesn't even fit in with the other seasons. Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. See how nicely it flows. Now try to say Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter. What the? Oh well, there's nothing I can do about it.

I think that's enough of a rant for now. Hopefully the next blog topic will be a little more positive. It just doesn't feel like me to be an ornery (that's another one everyone messes up) old pregnant lady.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Last Time I Cried

Let me just start off by saying, I never cry. Whether I'm extremely happy or terribly sad, I've never been a crier. I've always wondered if there was something wrong with my tear ducts, and have even felt insensitive at times when everyone around me is crying and I'm not. Lately however, there's been no question that they work. I think the last time I cried was about a week ago. I had been really depressed all day, I felt fat, and ugly and unproductive and by the time Villi came home anything could have set me off! I don't even remember what it was about but we got in a silly little argument and I lost it! I hate it, because when I'm crying I can't communicate which makes me more frustrated and cry harder. Then I cry because I feel like I have no reason to and that I should just be grateful for everything. Lets just say it's a bit of a mess.... So after crying for a while, Villi realized he wasn't getting anywhere and decided to call my mom. (Even though I told him not to) As I've said before, I think he knows me better than I do. I couldn't really talk but I just listened to her talk about her day or something and after a while I somehow calmed down. When we hung up, Villi came back into the room and just held me. The dogs came in shortly after and are always so sweet to me when they know I'm upset. Anyway, Zoe came to sit in my lap and just looked up to me with THE cutest look ever. It seriously said, 'it's okay mommy, I love you' and immediately the water works began again! But this time I wasn't sad. Villi asked why I was crying and I just said, 'she's so cute!'. I realized how silly it sounded and pretty soon we were both laughing about it. Pregnancy truly is a roller coaster of emotion but I'm still loving every minute of it. I feel like I've been able to discover several sides of myself I never knew I had.

Precious little Zoe!

Monday, November 1, 2010

On My Mind

I don't have a lot of time tonight, so I may come back and add to this. I'll just keep it short and sweet for now. Here's what's been on my mind the past week... My birth plan!!! I know D-day is quite a ways off still, but time does seem to fly and I want to be as prepared as possible. Questions like, do I labor and birth in water? Do I labor out and birth in? Do I wait until after the birthing the placenta to cut the cord? Who do I want there? Do I try the bradley, hypnobabies, or other birth methods? And on and on and on... I just feel like this is going to be one of the most important times of my life and even thought it's not possible, I want everything to be perfect. So long as everyone is healthy and happy though, I can certainly be satisfied.
18 weeks

Sunday, October 31, 2010

It's a.......

Friday, October 29, 2010

Ten Guilty Pleasures

I get the feeling that the majority of these are going to be TV shows, but here I go.

1. I've never been one to watch reality TV, but I must say lately I've really enjoyed watching Teen Mom and 16 and Pregnant. I especially love Maci like the rest of the world. I really hope things work out with Kyle now that they're back together... ha ha ha.
2. Although I don't really like the turn it's taking this season I LOVE gLee!!! My favorite characters are definitely Will and Emma and I can't wait for them to finally get together and have cute little babies!!! If they don't I'll be very upset!
3. Sleeping. I've always cherished my sleep, but now that I'm on bed rest I think I abuse the privilege. I'm pretty sure I spend more time trying to sleep than I actually do sleeping. Since my pregnancy has ironically brought on a severe case of insomnia. Does anyone else see a cruel irony in the fact that the last 9 months that you have the ability to sleep, your body doesn't allow you to!?!?
4. Guitar Hero. So don't tell Villi, but I bought him an Xbox for Christmas and when I get the chance I play guitar hero. I didn't think I'd like it but I'm starting to love it! Ha ha ha. What's next? Halo? I think so.
5. Horror Films! Ever since I was little I've loved watching horror movies. Especially with my mom when my dad and brother would go out of town. I just hope that doesn't change when I have the baby. I've heard from a lot of women that they can't watch them after they've had kids. I guess we shall see...
6. Flowers. I've always denied it and will never admit it again, but I love getting flowers. Especially carnations since they seem to live forever. Even though I've told my husband on several occasions that I don't care for them, I guess he knows me better than I do... I still get them from him out of the blue. I really am a lucky wife!
7. Fruit flavored Mentos. I could eat them all day.
8. The Labyrinth!!! Seriously one of my favorite movies of all time, even now!!! I know it's weird and David Bowie is psycho but I still love the movie and everything about it.
9. The smell of coffee and new books. If I could, I would live in Barns and Noble. I don't know what it is but there's something about these smells that are just so relaxing to me.
10. Buying and shopping for baby items. Anyone who knows me, knows that I'm a total tightwad!!! I hate spending money, but when it comes to buying baby things I go crazy. I had nearly the entire nursery set up before I even got pregnant. I also have a feeling it's about to get worse when I find out what I'm having tomorrow!!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

The Ultimate Blogger Challenge!

So, since I still can't leave the house for more than treatments and the occasional outing, the days have been getting longer and longer! Only so many hours of so many days can be spent doing crafts while watching movies, so I need something new. I've decided to take on the ultimate blog challenge. That's right, I'm going to do 100 blog posts in 100 days. I figure since I have about 150 days until the baby is due, this should be well within my grasp. It will be tough, but I do love a challenge. The 100 topics are already provided, so all I have to do is type and since I've never been one to keep a journal, I feel like this will be a good way to remember highlights and details of my pregnancy and more. Wish me luck!

Here's a preview of the next 10 topics:

1. Ten guilty pleasures.
2. It's a .... (I picked this one since I have my ultrasound this day)
3. One thing that's always on my mind the past week.
4. When was the last time I cried?
5. Three things that annoy me.
6. What would I do if I won the lottery.
7. My most embarrassing moment.
8. My talent.
9. Birth order.
10. My favorite picture.

Guess I'll be back tomorrow...

I hate to post without a picture.
So here's my 10 week ultrasound since I forgot it before.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Pregnancy So Far

In all honesty my pregnancy so far has been, in a word, tough! From pre-conception to now at 16 weeks it's been one struggle after another. However, both Villi and I know that it will be more than worth it in the end.

From the very beginning of our relationship we knew we wanted to be parents and to be parents sooner rather than later. However, my long time struggle with poly-cystic ovaries would prove to make that very difficult. The first time my condition was confirmed I was only 14 and an ultrasound revealed over 50 small cysts on my left ovary alone. I was devastated to hear that the continued build up of scar tissue would eventually make conception difficult to impossible when the time came. So despite the many terrible symptoms and side effects of the dozens of types of birth control I was prescribed, I continued to take them with the hope that they would one day make pregnancy more possible.

A few months after my 15th birthday I did receive something of a significant comfort, when I chose to get my patriarchal blessing. The shortest paragraph of nearly two pages brought me the most comfort. I was promised that according to my faith and righteousness that I would be healed. I was overwhelmed with gratitude from the promise of this blessing. So from then on, all of the excruciating pain and constant sickness brought on by the hormone imbalances of both my body and the birth control, seemed to be just a little more bearable.

Now onto the conception... Since I don't really want to get into the details of our 'baby making' habits, lets just say it was even more difficult than I had thought. After a year and a half of negative pregnancy tests, stress, frustrations/devastation and tears (lots of tears), it managed to get worse. (Caution: the following may be a little TMI, read at own risk.) Starting in the middle of April I had a very heavy menstruation that lasted more than 30 days! I was eventually forced into hospitalization by my husband and was expecting the worst. I feared tumors, ruptured fallopian tubes (which I was at high risk for), endometriosis and more. Other than my cystically overrun ovaries and a low blood count (surprise, surprise) all the tests and ultrasounds were normal. So they put me back on a month of my dreaded birth control and sent me on my way. As frustrating as it is to be put on birth control when you're trying to get pregnant and when you hate it as much as I do... It's still much better than the alternative of surgery. So I took it begrudgingly and before I knew it the month was over. Normally Ifollowed my ovulation schedule very carefully, would take my hundredth ovulation test and stress every second for two weeks after ovulation. This month however, I didn't think much of it. I guess I thought I couldn't really get pregnant after the stress my body had been through the previous month and that the birth control would still be in my system. (good thing I never had to practice safe sex, I think I would have definitely gotten pregnant) I only took the pregnancy test because I just had a feeling... I wasn't even late yet and even that is normal for me, since I don't ovulate regularly. Anyway, I guess what they say about not thinking about getting pregnant is true. Without the stress or fear of yet another letdown your body just does what it's supposed to. Easier said than done though. I received the advice not to think about it from dozens of people but when you want something so badly, it's the only thing you think about! But here I am now, almost half way through my pregnancy and absolutely ecstatic!

Although I may be ecstatic, my actual pregnancy has been all but joyous so far. At 11 weeks I was told I had Hyperemesis Gravidarum. It's a severe form of morning sickness (I like to think of it as morning, noon, and night sickness) that is categorized by losing more than 5% of your pre-pregnancy body weight. I got up to 13%. Symptoms include: dehydration, unrelenting nausea, nutritional deficiencies, migraines, confusion, fainting, liver failure and more. All of which I had, including a really nasty rash brought on by the liver failure. As far as treatment goes though, I've been pretty lucky. I've been able to get by on daily Zofran, IV treatments and bed rest. (Another caution of TMI) With the IV treatments, they put you on a drip until you can pee and the average is 2 1/2 bags. My first treatment they did nearly 5. Needless to say I was pretty dehydrated since I couldn't keep down water. The second time I got 4 bags, and hopefully the numbers keep going down and I can get off bed rest for the sake of my sanity!!! At first, the idea of bed rest was pretty nice. Sit at watch movies all day and be waited on hand and foot. Was I ever WRONG! For those of you who know me I'm pretty independent, and sitting on my butt while I watch my husband cook, clean and do everything for me is impossible! As nice as it may sound, I don't recommend it to anyone! Villi's been a trooper though. Putting up with my daily emotional roller-coaster, my inability to be touched, and my many food aversions, he's done surprisingly well. I'm so grateful to him and have no clue what I would do without him. I just hope it gets better from here on out. I don't know how much more we can handle. :)

One last thing. We find out what were having on the 29th of October and I am so excited!!! So stay tuned for that post coming up soon. Oh, and apologies for the many typing errors. Most of my blogging is being done and 4:00AM when I can't sleep. Until next time.
Sorry for the expression on my face. I really don't like pictures taken. (4 month tummy)

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Baby on board!!!

Nausea, fatigue, weight gain, mood swings and more....... bring it on! On the morning of July 22nd, we discovered something very exciting! You guessed it, we're pregnant! The due date is ironically April 1st 2011 and we're both thrilled!

Megan took the test at 5:00 AM after being unable to sleep. Despite her desire to go running full speed screaming it to Villi, she thought better of it and decided to plot. After brainstorming and shaking with excitement for over an hour, she finally had her plan.

She immediately started making breakfast, meanwhile deciding exactly what to say and precisely how to say it. As soon as the food was ready she set the table and raced off to find a bracelet box to put the test in. After rummaging for what seemed like forever she finally found one. Quickly she decorated it with pink and blue hand and footprint foam stickers we just happened to have and went to wake Villi.

We sat down at the table and began to eat. After a while Megan said she had something important to talk about. Immediately Villi got an, (oh crap!) look on his face... He though he'd done something wrong. If he'd only known.

She told him he looked worried and to calm down, then continued by recreating the way Villi proposed at Thanksgiving dinner. She told him all she was grateful for and with tearful eyes told him she was most grateful for communication. (Exactly what he'd said right before pulling out the ring.) Surprised that he hadn't caught on yet, Megan then reached for the box and got down on one knee. Villi, still looking confused, started to ask what was going on. Then Megan took of the lid. He was absolutely stunned and speechless as tears filled his eyes. He quickly picked her off the floor in the worlds longest and most loving embrace. The rest is history!

Here's our little one's first picture at 10 weeks.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time to catch up!

Well, it's certainly been a while but I would really like to catch up on my blogging.... 2009 brought a lot of exciting things! After our reception in May we had a very fun summer! We did a lot more shooting and spent several fun weekends at our property in Duchesnee.

We certainly wore Elmo out though. This is what he looked like on every ride home. We loved how well he slept at night after playing with the other dogs. So in August, we added our latest addition, Zoe!!! We all love her tons!!!

The first of september we closed on a house in Eagle Mountain. We were both thrilled to start our new life here and have loved every minute of it so far!

October we enjoyed our first halloween in the new house, but not before a nice trip to the hospital that morning.

Of course Megan still managed to find the energy to dress up the dogs that night. All the kids that came loved it!