Friday, August 7, 2009

New Beginnings (December 2008-May 2009)

Well, it's certainly been an exciting summer so far!!! From our beautiful wedding reception on the first of May to our closing on the Eagle Mountain home next week. All we can say is, life is great!!!
A quick over view for those of you we have not been in contact with for a while... We were married on December 23rd 2008 and a word to sum up our marriage so far is FUN. We have too much fun for our own good. However, what would life be without a little bit of laughing? Or a LOT in our case!!!

We've been living with the Mommy and Daddy 'Olafsson for the past 8 months and have been so grateful to be with family. Speaking of family, in honor of the beginning of ours we went to build a bear in the gateway and together made a 'baby wish bear'. Inside it we put two hearts with two names, the names we've picked for our first boy and first girl: Meilli Ann & Kadence Orn. So we call our little wish bear MAKO (initials of their names).

She went everywhere with us on our first vacation to SLC!!! Where we got a couples massage, went to the aquarium, and even hit the 100,000th mile on the VW. It was a blast. Who knew Salt Lake could be so exciting?

All of this excitement took place in February along with a very exciting purchase... The SIG P229 for Villi's Valentines day and boy was he happy!!! Going to the shooting range has been a big part of our summer and it's been so much fun.

Our biggest addition yet took place in the middle of March when we bought our precious little Elmo... For the first few weeks he just slept, a lot. But now at six months, he's become a very fun-loving, active puppy with a huge personality! We love him a lot!

The month of April was busy with reception planning. Our wonderful sister in law Crystal was our wedding planner, photographer and personal therapist at times (LOL) She was great and really got 'every little detail'. (Check her out at Here are just a few shots she took for the invitation....

Finally May 1st came around and we had our long awaited reception!!! It was perfect, thanks to Mommy & Daddy Taylor's love, time, and spark of genius and along with Mommy and Daddy 'Olafsson's support, food, and last minute canopies!!! (Of course it would rain on our wedding day) We could not have asked for more. It was held in the beautiful Allred garden where Megan had always dreamed of having it. It was so nice to see all our friend and family and feel everyone's love and support. We thank you all. For those who couldn't make it, it was beautiful!!! Here are a few pictures and all things we are grateful for.

The Amazing Garden Scene:
Beautiful Mothers!
Great Grandmother:
Precious Puppy!!
Helpful Siblings:
'Olafsson Clan!!!
Rough Rock Taylor Bunch!!!
Loving Johnsons:
Supportive Friends:


The happy couple!!!!

Here are the bridals, Missy Russell did a wonderful job!